Ait Convarion, a brilliant and aggressive Imperial commander

Ait Convarion is an Imperial Remnant hero in Era 1. He is a space only hero and commands the Corrupter, a Victory II-class Star Destroyer.


Convarion was considered to be Isard's most loyal and most aggressive commander, knowing what he could and couldn't do with his Star Destroyer. Due to his fame in hunting down pirates in the Outer Rim, he was assigned on a particularly challenging mission: to hunt down Rogue Squadron, who had been hijacking Imperial bacta convoys and providing them free of cost to whoever needed it. Upon seeing a convoy in which three transports were missing, he had his men calculate possible coordinates and jumped to them. Eventually finding the Rogues making away with one of the transports, he opened fire on the transport itself, destroying it along with a Rogue Squadron pilot and two Twi'lek pilots.

Impressed by his actions (but angered by his rash decision to open fire on the convoy without assessing the situation first), Isard demoted him to captain and gave him a new assignment. Convarion was to make the systems that received the Rogue's free bacta pay for it, which he brutally carried out on the colony world of Halanit.

Through the efforts of a spy, Isard discovered that there would be a secret rendezvous in the Graveyard (what was left of Alderaan). Here Convarion trapped the Rouges. With the aid of an Immobilizer 418 Cruiser. Before he could finish the Rogues off, however, an unmanned Thranta-class cruiser appeared, responding to Tycho Celchu's IFF (registered as the Another Chance, the frigate it was supposed to protect). This distraction allowed Wedge Antilles to fire two proton torpedoes directly at the bridge of the Corruptor. Convarion was instantly killed, and his ship was destroyed by the asteroid field.

Use IngameEdit

Ait Convarion unfortunately does not give a fleet commander bonus, making him no different than an ordinary Victory II. He is also a hero unit that doesn't have custom audio, further adding to the lack uniqueness of the hero.

But despite this, still being a Victory II-class Star Destroyer makes him a powerful supporting unit, helping to guard larger ships whilst suppressing rivaling frigates. In short, Ait Convarion is a glorified Victory II captain, with no differenced between himself or the buildable latter, but still has his uses.