The BTL-S8 K-wing assault starfighter, commonly known as the K-wing, is a heavy starfighter/bomber fielded by the New Republic, meant to replace the aging Y-wing as a bomber and the powerful, yet unwieldy and difficult to produce B-Wing. With a wide array of weapons, carrying WIP Twin Blaster Cannons, WIP Quad Blaster Cannons and WIP Proton Torpedoes and Concussion Missiles. Available in Eras 4-5, the K-Wing is gunship, and armed to the teeth.

History Edit

Being a part of the "New Class" Modernization program, the K-wing assault starfighter was produced by Koensayr Manufacturing, the same company responsible for producing the venerable Y-wing. Like many other New Republic starfighters, the K-wing was designed to excel in a specific primary role in combat while retaining the flexibility to serve secondary functions if needed.

First unleashed during the Black Fleet Crisis caused by the Duskhan League during their incursion in 16 BBY, the K-Wing was considered by some a small capital ship due to its impressive amount of firepower.

Use in-game Edit

The K-wing is basically a starborne tank, bristling with weapons it can make short work of both starfighters and capital ships. Keep it away from corvettes and don't allow it to be overwhelmed by escorting it with other fighters, and it will provide a massive amount of firepower that isn't easily targeted by most capital ships.

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