The Brask-class Tactical Defence Station is a space structure available only to the Empire of the Hand in eras 1-5. It is armed with 20/4 megamaser cannons and is equipped with 24 fighter and bomber squadrons.


Since the Empire of the Hand was formed, they were able to gain most of their territory by liberating worlds from the oppression of petty warlords in the Unknown Regions. However, these worlds would fall prey to pirate groups who were out looking for convoys to hijack and also some species/organizations in the Unknown Regions would attempt to ward off the EotH from their own territory. Even though these groups were insignificant compared to the EotH, there were so many of them that it was almost impossible to ignore them.

This eventually led to the development and manufacture of the Brask. Though lightly armed, it housed many squadrons of starfightes that were used as a quick and rapid response to any of the threats posed by these minor organizations. Because there were so many starfightes onboard the station, they were nicknamed 'Hives' by the pilots. The Brask stations were also equipped with long-range scanners that are used to detect any ship within several hundred kilometers.

Use IngameEdit

Being located in the Unknown Regions, distribution of the Golan Defense Platforms was impossible, meaning these and the Visvia-class Defence Platforms are the EotH's only space defence structures. Costing 3000 credits and having a relatively short build time, Brasks can easily be made on all EotH controlled planets.

Even one of these platforms are able to stop a small enemy task force with its fighters. Two of these and a supporting fleets will make an enemy attack very easy to deal with, especially if they don't have any anti-fighter ships. The Brask deploys Nssis-class Clawcraft, Krsiss-class Interceptors, and Syca-class Bombers. In short, the Brask is a structure that is able to dramatically increase a planets defence with its many fighter squadrons and in invaluable to the Empire of the Hand