The Chaf-class Destroyer is the Empire of the Hand's heavy frigate. It can be built at a Heavy Frigate Shipyard.


The Chaf was donated to the Empire of the Hand by the Fifth Ruling Family in the Chiss Ascendency and was named after that house, with Aristocra Chaf’orm’bintrano himself designing the vessel. This ship is heavily armed and armored for its small frame. This ship proved to be an effective ship and had a quick welcome into EotH fleets and became a very common ship to see within Chiss territory.

Use IngameEdit

The Chaf Destroyer is the Empire of the Hand's equivalent of a Victory II-class Star Destroyer, if not, then definitely more powerful. The Chaf's definite main effectiveness is shredding through enemy shields, this is because of the four Dual-Ion cannons on the ship; very effective against capital ships, Mon Calamari cruisers in particular. Its Rhazer Missile Launchers are also a form of defense against enemy fighters, though it is still preferable to keep one or two corvettes with it just to be safe.

Like its IR/PA counterpart, the Victory II, it is completely incapable of firing directly behind it, and is susceptible to counter-strikes and starfighter attacks. In short, the Chaf Destroyer is the perfect ship to use when in need of destroying an enemy ships shields, especially when in packs of 2-3.