Each faction has a unique Corporation which gives a 30% price reduction and 30% build time reduction. However, these Corporations cannot be used by other factions and cannot be re-built if destroyed or sold.

Kuat Drive YardsEdit

Regarded as the largest starship manufacturer in the galaxy, Kuat Drive Yards first gained prominence during the Clone Wars as the Old Republic’s primary starship contractor, a role it has retained under the Empire.

Sienar Fleet SystemsEdit

Founded on Corulag by the wealthy Sienar family during the early days of the Old Republic, Sienar Fleet Systems is now one of the Empire’s primary military suppliers, including the entire TIE series, manufactured from various subsidiaries located throughout the galaxy.

Mon Calamari ShipyardsEdit

One of the oldest and best starship manufacturers in the galaxy, Mon Calamari Shipyards utilize both orbital and underwater production facilities to build their uniquely beautiful cruiser liners and highly advanced and powerful warships.

Sycan Fleet SystemsEdit

With Emperor Palpatine dead at the Battle of Endor, Grand Admiral Thrawn turned to his industrious allies on Syca to produce warships designed specifically for the dangerous unknown regions patrolled by his secretive shadow Empire.