Crimson Command Victory II-class Star Destroyer Ingame

The Crimson Command Victory II-class Star Destroyer is a unique heavy frigate available to the Imperial Remnant in Era 4 and the Greater Maldrood in all eras. It carries an armament of 60/6 Turbolasers, 20/4 Dual Heavy Turbolasers, and 40/4 Ion Cannons.


The Crimson Command (dubbed "Crimson" for the red hulls they had) was designed under a rather unorthodox Imperial premise: that a large fleet of smaller, mobile ships was more advantageous than a small fleet of large, slow ships. Prior to 4 ABY, the command was given to Grand Moff Zsinj in recognition of his brilliant career. After the Battle of Endor, control of the Command fell to self-styled "High Admiral" Treuten Teradoc, a headstrong warlord. After briefly serving under the Reborn Palpatine, Teradoc once again broke away with the 73 Crimson Command units under his command.

By 12 ABY, the Command was led by disillusioned Imperial Vice Admiral Gilad Pellaeon in the flagship 13X. After siding with Imperial Remnant leader Natasi Daala and unifying the warlords (by killing them), the Crimson Command was once again under the control of the Empire. Its number was increased to 112, Pellaeon was assigned to command a fleet of Imperial Star Destroyers, and Colonel Ivan Cronus was put in command of the 13X. The Crimson Command would remain in Imperial service for the remainder of its existence, carrying out guerrilla raids against the New Republic. A detachment of twenty Command Star Destroyers led by Cronus would assist in Daala's failed assault on Yavin IV, where the 13X was destroyed and Cronus killed.

Use IngameEdit

Like the normal VSD II, the Crimson Command VSD is a heavy frigate for the Imperial Remnant. However, with double the number of Turbolasers and Ion Cannons, the Crimson Command VSD is much more potent, rivaling the ISD I in firepower. As an added bonus, they are much faster and more maneuverable than an ISD. If in Era 4, these should always by part of your primary assault fleet. Alternatively, they (along with Cronus in the 13X) can be made into an assault fleet of their own, performing the guerrilla raids they were tasked to carry out.

To balance their unusual strength, Crimson Command VSD's can only be built at Colonel Cronus' location, and they have a lifetime build limit of fifty (if you have 50 and one gets destroyed, you can't build another). Therefore, loss of any Command ships should not be taken lightly. In short, the Crimson Command Victory II-class Star Destroyer is a much more lethal version of the standard VSD II, and is best used in an offensive role.

For the Greater Maldrood, the Crimson Command VSD is not limited to any particular location, making it a much more valuable addition to the Maldrood Fleet. Generally, a Crimson Command VSD should be constructed over any of the other 4 pop-cap frigates available to Maldrood.