Erisi Dlarit is an Imperial spy who infiltrated Rogue Squadron, causing some minor damage to New Republic forces during their campaign against Ysanne Isard which include the death of a Rogue member and the destruction of a Bacta convoy. Her actions framed Tycho Celchu and forced him to face a trial for crimes he did not commit.

During the Battle of Coruscant, Isard escaped in her personal SSD Lusankya. Dlarit faked her capture so she could go and join the former imperial leader. Following the conflict, the Rogue's discovered her traitorous action, thanks to her astromech droid. They then resigned from NR service and wage their own personal war against Isard, known as the Bacta War.

She commands Elite squadron, a unit of TIE Interceptors.

Overview Edit

Dlarit's Elite squadron are good against fighters/bombers and are excellent scouts in space during a battle, thanks to their speed and resilience against incoming fire from capital ships. Elite squadron are not as good as the Rogue's and, in a one-on-one battle, will lose to them.

Her squadron has no fighters that can carry torpedoes. Therefore, they're no good for anti ship combat (Unlike their NR counterpart). In conclusion, they can be used for scouting and protecting your ships against fighters and bombers alike. When their health is low, you should send the squadron behind your line of ships to save them. Because they're just a regular fighter squadron, they are not so important to save.