Fractured Empire
is the earliest campaign in this mod, taking place in 6 ABY, two years after the Empire's defeat at Endor. Inspired by the X-wing novels, Ysanne Isard has taken control of the Empire after ousting one of the Emperor's Advisors, Sate Pestage, from the Emperor's Throne. She is the first and only Imperial leader to have the Imperial HQ be located on Coruscant, and has the second-best chance to take on the New Republic. On the other side of the galaxy, Mon Mothma is the New Republic's leader and has the NR base on Mon Calamari, a notorious shipyard world. Currently, the Republic is at it's worst position to wage war on the Imperial Remnant, being as they only have leftovers from the early Galactic Civil War on hand to attack the Empire.
  • Galactic Overview:

In this campaign, the Empire holds the advantage in terms of planets under it's control, with several key worlds under the Imperial banner. It holds Coruscant, the best place to build economical structures (Tax Agencies & Mining Facilities), Carida, a great planet to use as a manufacturing center, Kuat, the best shipyard under the Empire's control, Ord Trasi, one of the few shipyards located in the Outer Rim, and Kothlis, where one can easily get to Bothawui and strike a blow to the New Republic.

The New Republic has a dis-advantage in this campaign, still being a rebellion in form. The only worlds that have any real worth are Mon Calamari, the capital of the NR and their best shipyard, and Bothawui, a place within striking distance of several Imperial worlds and connected to Mon Calamari.

The Warlords and the Hapes Consortium, the two minor factions present in the GC, also hold locations which can be beneficial to own. The Warlords are centered in the upper 1/3 of the galactic map, holding key worlds such as Bastion, Yaga Minor, Muunilist, and Dathomir. Here, the Warlords pose little threat to the Empire, but do pose one to the New Republic, usually attacking from Chandrila. The Hapans have posession of worlds such as the Transitory Mists and Hapes. While these worlds hold little value strategically, the units gained from conquering these worlds can be put to good use by the New Republic or the Empire.