Hapes Consortium

Hapes Consortium.

The Hapes Consortium is a minor faction in Thrawn's Revenge. It is only playable as part of the conglomerate anti-Zsinj faction in the Hunt For Zsinj campaign. Established 4050 BBY, the race persisted through the galaxy on Hapes, hidden between Transitory Mists.


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Unit ListEdit

Heroes: Prince Isolder in the oversized Hapan Battle Dragon Song of War; the Star Home castle ship.

Space Units: Miy'til Starfighter, Miy'til Assault Bomber, Nova-class Battle Cruiser, Hapan Battle Dragon.

Land Units: AAC-1, New Republic Trooper





3x Transitory Mists


If you plan on playing the Empire of the Hand or the Pentastar Alignment, don't expect to come across the Hapans, they are by the time you reach them, conquered by the Imperial Remnant or the New Republic.

Hapan Fleet: There is a possibility to gain a Hapan fleet in any Galactic Conquests featuring Hapes. Every time you capture Hapes you get 2 Battle Dragons and 3 Nova Cruisers. After you capture Hapes, take the fleet and leave for the enemy to recapture it, then recapture it and you'll get this again.