I-7 Howlrunner Ingame

The I-7 Howlrunner is an Imperial Remnant starfighter available in Eras 4 and 5. It carries an armament of 2 Laser Cannons.


The Incom I-7 Howlrunner was conceived and designed by starfighter engineer Jo Ewsli. Ewsli designed the starfighter to emulate the unique predatory instincts of the howlrunner. Native howlrunners attacked in tight packs and were unyielding in their pursuit of prey; Ewsli unveiled a starfighter that lived up to its namesake in speed and agility. The Howlrunner was faster and more maneuverable than the TIE/LN, in addition, it carried a shield generator and could be fitted with a hyperdrive if needed. However, Incom's inability to prevent the loss of the X-wing left a bitter taste in the Imperial Navy's mouth, leading to Howlrunners being stationed in remote sectors. While not an extraordinary fighter, it proved to be extremely effective at reconnaissance.

While the Empire lost most of its TIEs during the Galactic Civil War and later lost access to the Sienar production lines, the Howlrunner line escaped destruction and became a staple in the Imperial Remnant's fleet. These starfighters were used during the Yuuzhan Vong War (most notably by Saba Sebatyne's Wild Knights squadron) and several were in the Corellian Defense Force during the Second Galactic Civil War.

Use IngameEdit

The I-7 Howlrunner is the second of three non-TIE starfighters that the Imperial Remnant receives in the later eras. The between the Howlrunner and the Vigilance, the Vigilance is faster and does more damage (at the cost of hull strength) while the Howlrunner is shielded and more maneuverable (but less well-armed). Howlrunners can be considered a more defensively oriented TIE Fighter. The shields and maneuverability serve it well in its survival, but its paltry weapons mean it cannot quickly dispatch an enemy squadron in a one-on-one situation. While your TIE Fighters rush in en masse to eliminate any bombers and your Interceptors/Vigilances clean up the bleed-through, the I-7 squadrons should be kept together in one group, roving the map and picking up any stragglers. In short, the I-7's maneuverability and shielding make it a hard ship to take down, and they work best in a pack.

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