IPV-1 System Patrol Craft Ingame

The IPV-1 System Patrol Craft, often known as the IPV, is a light frigate available to the Greater Maldrood in Eras 1–5. It carries an armament of 60/6 Dual Laser Cannons.


The IPV-1 was originally produced by Republic Sienar Systems (later Sienar Fleet Systems) as a standard system security and customs craft used to fend off pirates and capture smugglers. Fast and maneuverable, they patrolled Republic and later Imperial space when large ships were unavailable. Though pirate and smuggler activity fell to an all-time low when such a craft was in the area, many pirates stole these vessels for their own defense fleets.

When Admiral Treuten Teradoc broke off from the Empire, many IPV-1's were in use throughout the Maldrood Sector. Teradoc repurposed these ships, removing the 4 Turbolasers and the warhead launcher and replacing them with Dual Laser Cannons and a hyperdrive. The updated craft would serve in a role similar to the Lancer Frigate, protecting Maldrood fleets from massed fighter attacks.

Use IngameEdit

The IPV-1 is the unique corvette in the Greater Maldrood roster. The anti-fighter corvette of the Maldrood, it is pretty standard as far as any of the other basic corvettes go. However, it does have the ability to divert Power to Weapons. While on most ships this has a duration, the IPV can have this on indefinitely. If properly screened, this can mean death to any incoming fighters.