Imperial Specialist Ingame

The Imperial Specialist is the Imperial Remnant's support infantry. Specialists each operate autonomously and are armed with a blaster carbine.


After the disastrous Battle of Endor, the Empire realized that a combat medic and engineer was necessary. While each of these had been seen individually on the battlefield, they were usually unarmed and unprotected, providing these services only at the command base. Thus the Imperial Specialist was born. A field engineer and medic, the Specialist was trained in combat as well. Though not designed to be a frontline force, they could add their firepower to the battle if needed. They also performed all their repairs on the battlefield, making them the saving grace of many members of the Imperial Army.

Use IngameEdit

Imperial Specialists are mobile Bacta and Repair Stations. If that's not enough to convince you to use them, they come in groups of three individual troops, meanin that they can be spread throughout your battle lines. Keep them out of the line of fire, either by holding them back at the rear of the attack group or by pairing them with a higher-priority target. Using these with AT-ATs, XR-85 Tank Droids, or Century Tanks is extremely effective. If you are in a battle against a heavily fortified planet, or you cannot afford to lose units, these guys are a must-have.