Leader of the Hapes Consortium.

Isolder is the only hero for the Hapes Consortium and leader. He is armed with an Hapan Battle Dragon named the Song of War.


Early lifeEdit

Isolder was born into the royal family of Hapes as the younger son of Ta'a Chume and her consort, although he later had several younger half-brothers from Ta'a Chume's quest to provide a female heir to the throne. Growing up, he had the company of his older brother Kalen, who was the Chume'da of the Hapes Consortium. Kalen and Isolder were close, and Isolder did not envy his brother's status as the heir, mainly because he knew that as the second child he had more options available to him.

When Isolder was nineteen, Kalen was kidnapped and murdered by a pirate near the Terephon system, which left Isolder devastated. In order to track down his brother's murderer, Isolder went undercover as a privateer to get information on who committed the crime. After two years of going so deep undercover that his own mother's spies could not even locate him, Isolder located the perpetrator, a pirate named Harravan, and had him arrested. Unfortunately, Harravan was killed in his jail cell before he could be interrogated further.