MC40A Light Cruiser is a converted luxury liner. It carries 14/2 Turbolasers, 18/2 Ion Cannons, and 2/2 Concussion Missiles. It carries one squadron of B-Wings.

History Edit

A Mon Calamari star cruiser designed sometime before the Battle of Hoth, and was used heavily up to the Battle of Endor, and saw service once again in the Yuuzhan Vong War.

Use Ingame Edit

While it lacks the "Power to Shields" ability, it has an outstanding shield recharge rate. It is best used against corvettes and light frigates, but should avoid engagements against heavy cruisers and capital ships. Due to the fact it has ion weaponry, it makes a good shield stripper for Assault Frigates and Dreadnaughts to be able to tear apart the hulls of enemy ships.

Specs Edit

  • Shields: 1900
  • Shield Recharge Rate: 150
  • Tactical Health: 1520
  • Autoresolve Health: 3420
  • Max Speed: 2.7
  • Build Cost: 2200
  • Build Time: 30 seconds