Maximilian Veers is a colonel in the IR's army. He appears in era 3 and commands his prototype AT-AT walker Blizzard 1. He also gives a 25% buff to IR walker units on the planet he's on. His vehicle is much stronger than a normal AT-AT and is invulnerable to a T-47 Airspeeder's tow cable.

History Edit

Colonel Veers was responsible for the revival of the AT-AT project and for making these walkers become The Empire's favorite heavy vehicle, over the popular A6 Juggernaut, after defeating a rebel attack with his prototype AT-AT Blizzard 1. He was later assigned to Vader's Blizzard task force and, along with the 501st Legion, destroyed the rebel base's shield generator during the infamous Battle of Hoth.

After The Emperor's death, he was re-assigned to several commanders during the rest of the Imperial Civil War. Eventually, he ended up demoted to the rank of captain under inquisitor Sedriss QL and died during a futile assault, sometime after Operation Shadow Hand.

Overview Edit

He commands his prototype walker Blizzard 1, which is much more powerful than a normal AT-AT. He gives a discount on AT-ST, AT-AT and AT-PT walkers. In addition to the 'Drop Stormtroopers' ability of the regular AT-AT, he also has the 'Maximum Firepower' ability, which allows his walker to divert stored power to his main weapons, delivering massive damage to any target on the ground and destroying it. He cannot be toppled by T-47's so feel free to use him when a speeder is near.

Tactics Edit

He should be used as the centerpiece of an IR's assault force, like the normal AT-AT. Use the 'Attack Move' button and support him with other units. Always have Specialists nearby to repair him, when damaged, and have AT-STs/Stormtroopers for anti-infantry duty.

He can also crush enemy troops and vehicles with his massive legs (But this is not an encouraged idea due to his slow speed). HE SHOULD NEVER BE USED ON DEFENSE! Once he's killed off, either by airstrikes, oribital bombardments or a concentrated attack, he will not return in eras 4-5. Therefore, USE HIM WISELY!

Counter Edit

If your on the offensive and detect Veer's AT-AT, just call air strikes or orbital bombardments down to waste him. The T-47's tow cable is useless against Blizzard 1 (But you can still destroy him with blasters and the A.I will not target your airspeeders at close range).

If you have fast hit-and-run units, just circle around him and keep blasting his vehicle, while avoiding his massive chin cannons. Or, if you have the money, just use massive amounts of units to overwhelm him. Please note that these tactics can be used against the regular AT-ATs as well.