Miy'til Bomber Ingame

Miy'til bomber Ingame.

The Miy'til assault bomber is the Hapes Consortium's bomber unit. They are armed with 2 Laser Cannons and 2 Concussion Missile launchers.


Miy'til Assault Bomber

Miy'til bomber.

The Miy'til Assault Bomber was built on a same principle as the smaller Miy'til Starfighter, favoring speed and agility over heavy firepower. Unusually fast and agile for a bomber, it more closely resembled a heavy starfighter and was far superior to similarly classed bombers, such as the TIE/sa Bomber.

The ship was rarely seen by outsiders, as the Hapes Consortium preferred an isolationist stance and rarely strayed from its home space. Its abilities were poorly understood by foreign powers, leading to a nasty surprise in first-time engagements.

Use IngameEdit

The Miy'til Bomber is a bomber in name, but is capable of much more. Its armament puts it in a similar category with the Scimitar Assault Bomber, V-19 Torrent Starfighter, and Furion-class Assault Bomber. While all of these are useful as anti-capital ship units, other craft in the faction are more well suited for the role. Instead, these ships shine when used as anti-fighter platforms; few enemy fighters can dodge or survive a single Concussion Missile. While space superiority fighters (such as the class's starfighter complement) get enemy ships caught in dogfights, the Miy'til bomber can swoop in on a straight-line assault and unload on the relatively stationary ships.

As a bomber, the Miy'til works best when paired with ships carrying large numbers of Ion weaponry. This makes the spawn ship (Hapan Battle Dragon), with its 40 ion cannons the ideal support craft for these bombers.