Modular Taskforce Cruiser Ingame

The Modular Taskforce Cruiser, or MTC for short, is a heavy frigate available to the Imperial Remnant in Era 3. It carries an armament of 16/4 Medium Turbolasers.

History Edit

The Imperial Navy had long preferred to maintain a large fleet where each ship filled a particular niche. However, by the time the Reborn Palpatine emerged from hiding, this was becoming harder and harder to maintain. After a report was made on the need to streamline the Imperial fleet, Tagge Industries Shipyards Limited was contracted to design a multirole starship. After noting the fundamental design similarities of all single-role ships, the MTC was born.

The base ship was quite unimpressive, having only a command section, life-support systems, quarters for a skeleton crew, and an engineering bay. The real purpose of the framework was to carry mission specific modules. These could range from a hospital module to a planetary suppression module. Though the design was brilliant and inexpensive, very few of these ships were made, and production was halted soon after the death of the Reborn Palpatine.

Use IngameEdit

The MTC is the support heavy frigate for the Imperial Remnant in Era 3. The module it carries holds 9 fighter squadrons, and its presence in the battlefield increases the line of sight around it. This makes them extremely useful, both as a carrier and a means to strategically place your fleet to crush any resistance you face. It only costs 2 population points as well, meaning that it is very cheap to field.

The MTC's main weaknesses are its strength (both offensively and defensively) and its fighter compliment. Armed with only 16 Turbolasers, the MTC cannot stand up to any real threat, and it is very lightly armored. Also, of the 9 squads of fighters it carries, not one is a bomber or carries any missile weaponry, meaning they cannot be used effectively against large ships. In short, the MTC is a carrier that can protect its fighters from corvettes and can provide battlefield location services.

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