Noghri Death Commando.

Noghri Death Commandos are an Imperial Remnant infantry unit, buildable only on Honoghr. Each unit is made up of three commandos armed with long-range blasters.


Honoghr was devastated after a CIS chemical ship crash landed on the planet surface during The Clone Wars. The Noghri received an offer by Darth Vader and the imperials: They would restore their planet's environment, on the condition that they work for the Empire.

The whole thing was actually a scheme by Emperor Palpatine to bind the Noghri's alliance to the Empire, as he was responsible for Honoghr's devastation. The Noghri who worked for the Empire became Noghri Death Commandos. They had great skills in assassination so they were used to eliminate Palpatine's opposition in the Senate, Rebel leaders and many more of the Empire's enemies.

As of the Thrawn campaign, they still served the Grand Admiral well and were given an order to kidnap the pregnant Leia Organa Solo. Upon seeing Leia, a Noghri realised that she's the daughter of their savior, Darth Vader, and helped her in escaping from the Imperial Remnant's forces. She then revealed the Empire's lies to their people and turned the Noghri against their former master.

During the Battle of Bilbringi, the Noghri Bodyguard, aboard the Grand Admiral's ship, turned on Thrawn and killed him by stabbing him through his chair. They were then killed by major Gordin Teirce's troops. With out Thrawns tactical brilliance, the IR was forced to retreat. The Noghri would continue to serve the Skywalker family and Solo family as their personal bodyguard. At the same time, the NR was working to restore the environment of Honoghr as part of Leia's promise.

Use IngameEdit

The Noghri Death Commandos are very expensive for light infantry, costing up to 400 credits per company. They should be used as a scout to call down airstrikes and orbital bombardments or as spotters for the IR's artillery. Their rifles are good at taking out infantry and light vehicles.

Their planet, Honoghr, are one of IR's easiest-to-defend planets due to the abandoned turbolaser towers and disruptor rifle equipped natives that will cut down enemy infantry and vehicles alike. This planet is a nightmare to attack and it's wise, if you're one of the other factions besides the IR, to bring loads of reinforcements.