Nova-class Battle Cruiser

Nova-class Battle Cruiser, a main component of the Hapan navy.

The Nova-class Battle Cruiser is a Hapes Consortium light frigate. It can be obtained by the conglomerate New Republic faction in the Hunt for Zsinj campaign; in other campaigns, three vessels of this class are obtained by capturing Hapes. It is armed with 24/3 Turbolasers, 10/2 Ion Cannons, and 10/1 Heavy Laser Cannons. It also carries one Miy'til Starfighter squadron.


Hapan Fleet

Nova-class Battle Cruiser as part of an Hapan fleet.

While the Hapan Battle Dragon was the backbone of the fleet, the Nova-class served a vital role as a support and patrol ship. Fast and well-shielded, the Nova was used to patrol Hapan borders, dissuading any smugglers or pirates who thought the Consortium would be easy prey.

While more than a match for small freighters and corvettes, due to its outdated Turbolaser technology any more serious confrontations would involve groups of three Novas; any major confrontations required Battle Dragon support. It was believed that the extremely effective engine and shield designs were actually stolen from the Empire and New Republic, respectively.

Use IngameEdit

While nowhere near as impressive as the Battle Dragon, the Nova cruiser still fills a fills a role in the Hapan fleet. About half the price of the Nebulon-B frigate with approximately equal Turbolaser firepower (since each Turbolaser battery takes twice as long to recharge, it actually has closer to 12/3 Turbolasers), the Nova has the added benefit of ion cannons to efficiently disable shields on enemy craft. With a Heavy Laser Cannon hardpoint it also serves as a light fighter-screening unit. In short, the Nova is best used in a support/picket role where it can quickly neutralize enemy light frigates and help more Turbolaser-heavy units waste less damage on shields.