Novatrooper Ingame

The Novatrooper is an elite infantry unit available to the Imperial Remnant in Eras 1–5. Each platoon is made up of four squads of nine troopers per squad. All of them are armed with a blaster rifle.


The Novatroopers, or Stormtrooper Honor Guards, were elite Stormtrooper units that wore a distinctive black and gold set of improved Stormtrooper armor. They were often assigned to historically significant locations or were used as a commando force (similar to the Imperial Shock Troopers). Due to the superior training of Novatroopers, only a few were trained at a time. However, most Imperial leaders would continue the tradition throughout the Galactic Civil War, realizing that their symbol, that they stood for, made them more valuable than twice their number of average Stormtroopers.

Use IngameEdit

Novatroopers are the second unique infantry that the Imperial Remnant can field. An upgraded version of the basic Stormtrooper, they well out-perform even Zsinj's elite Raptor Troopers. They have more health and do more damage than their normal counterparts. In addition, they are one of the few remaining infantry units with the 'Take Cover' ability.

However, there is a catch: only fifteen of these units can be built at a time (Note: due a current bug in the game, it is best to build all fifteen at once, otherwise you cannot build any more until the squads you build [even if you only built one] are dead). Therefore, they are to be used strategically.

While regular Stormtroopers are to be used for map control and scouting, Novatroopers should be kept with the main assault force, providing fire against infantry units and vehicles alike.