Octavian Grant

Octavian Grant was an aristocrat who served in The Tapani Security Force, The Galactic Republic, The Galactic Empire, The Pentastar Alignment and The New Republic. He despised Grand Admiral Thrawn, whom he saw as a personal treachery in The Empire's doctrine of non-humans never being allowed to serve in the imperial ranks.

During the Re-conquest of the Rim, he helped capture a Separatist leader, whom he turned into a puppet of The Empire. The great admiral, who performed regular naval duties, proved himself as the best Imperial Grand Admiral who returned from a great string of bold victories against the Rebel Alliance. However, even he could not turn the tide of a very important battle going on in the distant galaxy.

After The Empire's biggest defeat at Endor, Octavian Grant, to save his own skin, supported Ardus Kaine's faction, The Pentastar Alignment and kept a low profile while he watched as his fellow Grand Admirals were either killed or went into hiding.

He later defected to the New Republic in 6 ABY. In exchange for valuable info, he was granted immunity from Imperial war crimes and was relocated to the planet Rathalay. Later, when the Reborn Emperor returned, he lured his former ally, Ardus Kaine, into a trap and killed him, signalling the beginning of the end for The Pentastar Alignment.

He commands the Oriflamme, an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer.