Pentastar Enforcer

Pentastar Enforce In-game.

Pentastar Enforcers are the Pentastar Alignment's primary infantry unit. They are composed of 5 squads, each with 9 members: 4 squads of Navytroopers and 1 squad of Imperial Stormtroopers. Each soldier is armed with a blaster carbine. Each squad is lead by an Imperial Stormtrooper Sergeant .


When Moff Kaine fled to the Outer Rim in the wake of Palpatine's death, he was only able to bring a long a fairly small number of stormtroopers. Thus, his infantry squads are supplamented with slightly less well trained, but still deadly Navytroopers.

In-game UseEdit

Like most of the other factions' basic infantry, the Pentastar Enforcer is pure cannon fodder. They should only be used to supplement vehicle forces, capture reinforcement points, or fight against other infantry, as their health is extremely low and it takes them a few moments to bring their blaster rifles to bear.