SPMA-T Walker Ingame

The Self-Propelled Medium Artillery walker (SPMA or SPMA-T) is a heavy vehicle available to the Imperial Remnant, Eriadu Authority, Greater Maldrood and Zsinj's Empire in Eras 1-5. It has an armament of 1 Heavy Turbolaser and 4 Blaster Cannons for defensive purposes. It is a very expensive vehicle, costing about 1000 credits per 1 company of 3 vehicles.


Manufactured by Rothana Heavy Engineering as an artillery piece, the SPMA was the successor to the SPHA line used during the Clone Wars. Improvement of materials after years of research meant that modern alloys and composites could be used, making a lighter, smaller walker possible. While the SPMA walker's range was quite long, they required the target to be sensor painted to score a hit. This, along with its slow speed, light armor, and poor defensive capabilities, meant that they were rarely deployed without an escort.

Use IngameEdit

The SPMA-T is the artillery unit of several Imperial factions. Long range, extremely heavy firepower, and a 360° firing arc are a deadly combination. If you are facing Turbolaser Towers and cannot locate the power generator, these will be your most valuable asset. Scouting ahead for the towers and then commencing long-range shelling will save a lot of manpower. Rarely will more than one squad of SPMA-Ts be needed, meaning a sizable escort can be formed.

The primary weaknesses of the SPMA-T are its weak armor, slow speed, and lack of close-range defences. Quick-moving infantry and vehicles (Like Phalanx Commandos, T2-B Tanks and Armored Freerunners) can slip past the slow-firing Heavy Turbolaser volleys and quickly destroy them. Thus, units such as AT-STs and Century Tanks/2-Ms should always accompany them. In short, the SPMA-T is the Imperial artillery unit, and as such has strong offense and low defense. They are a support vehicle and should never be sent into battle alone. This units should also be escorted with AT-AAs to counter the fast T-47 Airspeeders and V-Wings.