The Star Home is a unique Hapes Consortium capital ship. It is not buildable and there is only one in existence. It is armed with 20/5 Turbolasers and 24/6 Laser Cannons.


The Star Home was constructed by the first Queen Mother of Hapes just after 4000 BBY. He (all Hapan ships are given the masculine pronoun) was an exact duplicate of the Fountain Palace on the homeworld encased in transparent crystal, mounted on a block of basalt with five arm-like protrusions to create a distinct star shape. He was primarily designed to be a showpiece for the Hapan Star Cluster and its monarchy: in addition to being a mobile castle, it was also the royal treasury.

Though never truly forgotten, the Star Home had not been seen for nearly two thousand years until shortly before the Battle of Yavin, when the reigning Queen Mother Ta'a Chume used him to recover Prince Isolder at the fringes of Hapan territory. In 8 ABY, the galaxy was shocked again when Ta'a Chume brought him to Coruscant on an impromptu state visit.

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