Syndic Destroyers are small capital ships available to the Empire of the Hand at Eras 1-5 and can be built at a capital shipyard. Their armament consists of 30/6 Megamasers, 20/4 Dual Megamasers, 15/3 Quad Megamasers, and 24/4 Heavy Ion cannons.


Designed by Sycan Fleet Systems when the planet first joined the Empire of the Hand, the Syndic was the first vessel built to specifically address the needs of Thrawn’s shadow Empire. While slightly shorter and less powerful than the Empire's Imperial II-class Star Destroyers its stronger hull gave it greater sustainability in battle, a key consideration in the dangerous outer reaches of the galaxy patrolled by the Hand. The most famous vessel of this class was the Frontier, otherwise known as the flagship of Admiral Ar'alani.

Use in the gameEdit

Boasting very similar design to the Phalanx-class Heavy Destroyer, and thus having no engine hardpoints, Syndics are suitable for raid fleets.

In the long term it is really a better investment to purchase Phalanxes, but Syndics can be valuable for cash-strapped players or be used the same way as Heavy Frigates or support ships.