The TIE Raptor is a starfighter designed by Warlord Zsinj's engineers for exclusive use of his forces. TIE Raptors replaced the solar panel wings, on either side of their cockpit, with 4 short fins, protruding directly from the cockpit. The name 'Raptor' is also shared with his elite troops.

Overview Edit

The TIE Raptor is a deadly fighter. They are faster, more powerful and much stronger than a normal TIE Fighter or, it's rival, the TIE Interceptor. However, they are exclusive to Warlord Zsinj's faction (And they're only playable in 2 GC's: "Hunt for Zsinj" and "Into the cluster").

They come in a squadron of 12 and are equipped with 4 laser cannons and 2 concussion missile launchers for each Raptor. They cost about 300 credits and have a population cap of 1.