TIE ap-1

The TIE ap-1, colloquially known as the TIE Mauler, is an Imperial Remnant light vehicle available in Eras 1–5. It carries an armament of 2 Blaster Cannons.


The vehicle was designed by Santhe/Sienar Technologies in order to fulfill the Empire's need for a fast, cheap ground vehicle. Armed with 3 rapid fire blaster cannons, the Mauler was extremely effective against infantry. However, like most of the TIE series, the ap-1 emphasized speed above durability and was extremely weak defensively. The pilots of the TIE ap-1 found an equally effective weapon: by harnessing the Maulers speed they could run over enemy infantry with their treads (thus the nickname Mauler). The engines could also be overloaded as a last ditch maneuver.

The Mauler would see extensive use during the Galactic Civil War. Over time, the use of the Mauler would dwindle as the Empire could no longer treat its soldiers as disposable. The Mauler did pave the way for the much stronger, more effective Century Tank.

Use IngameEdit

The TIE ap-1 is the third of four anti-infantry vehicles available to the Imperial Remnant. It is basically a TIE Fighter for the ground. It is very fast and effective offensively but is terribly armored for a light vehicle. However, utilizing their speed for an early-game rush in a land battle (especially an LZ rush when on the defensive) can quickly end any enemy attack. If the planet has a large infantry or indigenous force, use them to overwhelm and run over infantry.

Another use for the TIE Mauler is as a one-man suicide bomb squad. Rush these up into the enemy's ranks and set them all to self-destruct: at least one of them will survive to detonate with disastrous results to anyone nearby. If you are being attacked by an Imperial force that includes these, make their destruction a priority, even before destroying AT-ATs, because once they make it into blast range it's all over. In short, the TIE Mauler is a suicidal infantry decimator with a farewell present not to be scoffed at.