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  • I live in The Hand of Thrawn, Nirauan, Empire of the Hand
  • My occupation is Imperial Grand Admiral and Supreme Commander of the Empire of the Hand
  • I am a Chiss
  • Bio Hi, I'm @WarlordGrandAdmiralThrawn, but people call me @Thrawn or WGAT. My primary Wiki is Wookiepidia, but I can be found on Alpha Memory, Harry Potter, Majipoor, Star Wars Fanon, Brickipiedia and The One Wiki to Rule them all.



    I’ve been a Star Wars fan since I was four. Movies 3-6, RO and Solo are amazing. 1&2 are good too. 7,8&9 are complete trash. They did not live up to the EU.

    Movie ranking: 4, RO, 5, 6, 3, S, 1, 2, CWM.

    Big EU fan for about 3 years now. Timothy Zahn is the best author ever! If you are looking to start your EU journey, start with Heir to the Empire.

    I was disappointed by the Sequels for many reasons. The main reason was TFA. I feel that TLJ had no potential because of TFA. TFA established a horrible plot, and that carried forward, ruining everything in it’s path. TFA copied ANH too much. An orphan from a desert planet meets the droid being chased by the Stormtroopers, then leaves the aforementioned planet of the Falcon. The bad guys use their newly completed planet killer to destroy some good guys, then they capture the girl. The guy goes to the planet killer with Han and Chewie to save the girl. The guy with the mask was torturing the girl personally. They get her, but the force user in a black suit and mask and red lightsaber kills the old man. The guy in the mask has relations to the good guys, and already knew the old man.
    So, yea, that applies to ANH and TFA. Another big problem I have is the first order. They are a bad rip off of the Imperial Remnant from Legends.
    I am not your average Sequel hater. Most people see TLJ as the worst, but it is actually not as bad as the others. All of it’s major problems are just carrying over from TFA.
    TROS was a bad rip off of Dark Empire.
    I don’t hate the sequels because of Disney, I hate Disney because of the Sequels.

    >>>Thrawn Thursday<<<
    This is my pet project here on the Wook. It focuses on a myriad of EU topics, Thrawn being one.

    Want to contact me privately or even in a non-Star Wars fashion? Feel free to email me at

    Check out my work on the Fanon Wiki:



    Overall favorite character in both legends and canon:
    Mitth'raw'nuruodo, A.K.A. Grand Admiral Thrawn. Rebels butchered him, I prefer him in the books, both canon and legends.

    Favorite female character:
    Canon: Karyn Faro
    Legends: Mara Jade

    Favorite Droid(L+C): R2-D2

    Favorite Jedi:
    Legends: Mara Jade and Luke
    Canon: Yoda

    Favorite faction:
    Legends: Empire of the Hand
    Canon: Chiss Ascendancy

    Favorite era: GCW(L+C) and NR(legends)



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    <<Non-Star Wars>>

    Harry Potter:
    Been a fan for almost ten years. Favorite character: Dobby. Hagrid and Dumbledore are tied for second. Books are INFINITELY better than the movies. Best book: Order of the Phoenix.

    Lord of the Rings:
    Been a fan for 8-9 years, and once again I prefer the books(you will catch onto the pattern quick). Peter Jackson messed them up.

    Star Trek:
    Been a fan for three years. Watched VOY, TNG and TAS through, TOS, DIS and DS9 partially.

    Been a fan of LEGO for over 10 years. Death Star is my biggest set.

    Chronicles of Narnia:
    Been a fan since kindergarten. Love books 1-5, but 6 and 7 are not that good. Movies 2 and 4 are good, but not 5.
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