Victory I-class Star Destroyer Ingame

The Victory-I class Star Destroyer, abbreviated VSD-I, is a Heavy Frigate, available to the several playable Imperial factions in Eras 1–5. It is also the command ship of the Empire of the Hand leader Voss Parck. It carries an armament of 40/4 Dual Turbolasers, 10/2 Quad Turbolasers, and 72/12 Concussion Missiles.

History of ServiceEdit

Designed during The Clone Wars as a joint project between Rendili StarDrive and Kuat Drive Yards, the Victory-I was designed as a heavy space combat ship while still providing potent ground assault capabilities. While being a direct challenge to the Venator-class Star Destroyer, the majority of the initial commission group was not deployed until after the formation of the Galactic Empire.

The sudden abundance of Imperial-class Star Destroyers, as well as its growing popularity among the Imperial Navy, led to many Victory-class Star Destroyers being decommissioned and sold to such organizations as the CSA. While most of the remaining VSD's were often assigned to planetary defense, they were still considered second only to ISD's in the Navy. It's primary disadvantage was its poor speed and maneuverability, necessitating the inclusion of faster support ships to accompany them.

After the death of the Emperor at Endor, the VSD-I saw a return to frontline duties because of a lack of larger and more powerful ships (such as the Imperial-class Star Destroyer). Following the Yuuzhan Vong War, the GA commissioned an updated version of the Victory-class designed to hunt down pirate organizations.

Use IngameEdit

One of the strongest Heavy Frigates available to the Imperial factions, the VSD I's primary strength is in its concussion missile batteries, which do excellent damage and are able to target any ship, even fighters. It is also fairly well shielded and armored. Plus, since it lacks the 'Power to Weapons' ability, it is less likely to have its shields drained. Its main weakness is its speed (or lack thereof) and its underwhelming fighter compliment.

During combat, the VSD is an excellent support ship, being able to do large amounts of damage and generating higher threat while faster 'glass cannon' ships (such as Strike-class Medium Cruiser) can be allowed to outflank and freely utilize 'Power to Weapons' without as much a risk of losing the Strike Cruisers.

These ships can also be utilized against SSD's: hyperspacing 2 or 3 behind the behemoth can be very useful as the VSD-1s are free to unload barrages of missiles without fear of the target outmaneuvering them or returning fire. It also excels in a planetary defense role, as its speed doesn't matter when attacking units are heading straight for stationary Golans. In short, the VSD-I is the combat ship of choice against targets that are either slow moving or aren't moving, and are a potent threat against fighters.