XR-85 Tank Droid Ingame

The XR-85 Tank Droid is an Imperial Remnant heavy vehicle available in Eras 3–5. It carries an armament of a Beam Weapon and a Turbolaser


Early models were small (about the size of an AT-PT), but the complex droid brains that operated them were deemed too expensive for mass production. Later models, produced shortly after the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn, were much larger, as well as being more inexpensive and practical to mass-produce. The use of pirated Industrial Automaton R7 droid brain matrices gave the XR-85 an independence and intuition unmatched by previous war droids.

As the Empire slowly crumbled into the Imperial Remnant, crews to man large assault vehicles such as AT-ATs and A-9 Floating Fortresses became harder to find and train and too valuable to lose. The XR-85, on the other hand, was cheap and automated, meaning losses were less detrimental. Due to this fact, production of the XR-85 was stepped up to bolster beleaguered ground forces wherever possible.

Use IngameEdit

The XR-85 is the heavy assault tank of the Imperial Remnant in the later Eras. Costing only 900 credits for two tanks, they are more cost-effective than an AT-AT. They are armed with a beam cannon that deals moderate damage with a moderate recharge time, as well as a slow-recharge Turbolaser cannon that is extraordinarily powerful. These will generally be your heavy hitters while the rest of the force protects them.

The XR-85 is not without flaws, however. It can only fire forward, is not as well armored as the AT-AT, and has minimal infantry and aircraft defenses. In addition, it cannot deploy Stormtroopers like the AT-AT can. These weaknesses require a moderate support force to counteract. In short, the XR-85 gives the Imperial Remnant a cheap, extremely powerful alternative to the AT-AT. While more offensively oriented than the AT-AT, it has more weaknesses and should not be put in a long-term defensive role without anti-infantry support.